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We're a hacker company that provides insightful and innovative solutions to any and all problems for our clients and we do it in the best, most ethical way we know how. This is not just a job — we take what we do seriously and work hard to be the best provider in our industry.



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Searching the web for things like "hire a hacker" or "phone hackers" might reveal an onslaught of negative sentiment around hackers, so much so that many people today are hesitant when it comes to anything related to cybersecurity. We want to change this!

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Hackers. They're either seen as outlaws or heroes. Depending on the side of the lens you look through, it is easy to see that they are very different things. We've created Trusted Hackers to change the public perception of hackers by doing what we do- hacking ethically and responsibly. Our goal is to be trusted by customers to provide quality work that improves their security while being a full service, ethical hacking service company. In order to fulfill our mission, we have been working tirelessly behind-the-scenes building relationships with organizations and expert hackers agencies who have a vested interest in hacking. We also believe that working hard is best done when paired with working smart so we have been developing innovative solutions to help further insure our customers against malicious outsiders trying to break into their accounts or steal their information. Avoiding dark web hackers obtaining sensitive information.

Trusted hacker is a company that offers hacking services to the public. We believe that all hacking must be done safe and secure

Facebook Hacking

Is your partner cheating with Facebook? Do you want to read Facebook messages and monitor your spouse Facebook account? We have Facebook hacker to do the task 

Hack Instagram

We offer hacking services that are ethically and responsibly done by people who have a sense of pride in their work. We can recover Instagram with hacker for hire service

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Phone hackers

A professional hacker to hack cell phone remotely, extract call logs, SMS, Chats and social media. With safe and secure ethical hacking, you can easily view your partner phone

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Hack SIM

Hire a trusted hacker to look deep into your partner’s, your children’s or your business partners Snapchat account 

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Text Messages

Find a trusted hacker who can hack text messages with our white ha hacker. Protect your sensitive information without compromise or leak. We protect our client assets with 100% protection.

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Hack school Grades

We provide you with the best hacker for hire service in a field of hacking university grades, data alteration, Upgrade of records, Transcript change and Professor email hack.

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Depending on the side of the lens you look through, it is easy to see that they are very different things when it comes to using a professional hacker. 

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Computer hacking

If you need to verify the accuracy of information with a professional, we’ll use our experience and skills to hack into their phone or computer.

OUR services

Hire the top rated hackers in the industry to find out all that you want to know about your partner, business partner, friends etc.

We provide a full phone hacking service and provide you with a phone monitoring panel that is safe and secure. We just require the phone number to be able to do this job.


Hackers for hire are situated everywhere in the world. We are committed to providing the best of undetectable malware, powerful decryptions, security services, and hacking tools to serve our clients with their specific needs.

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Professional hackers

Hire a professional hacker with years of experience to hack into your iphones or computers. We can do it all for you.

"I Want To Give A Big Thumbs Up To Trusted Hacker For Helping Me Catch My Cheating Spouse. It Was So Easy And Their Customer Service Staff Is Fantastic!"

Marth L Lawrence

Who Are We

If you are looking to hire a hacker in order to track or monitor either your employees, business partners, or an ex-partner then please look no more. We are the Professional hire a hacker who has the skillset needed to get the job done right. All of our decisions are motivated by one thing – results. It doesn’t matter if it is recovering data, breaking passwords, finding usernames & passwords for your clients, or unlocking their cell phone. Eventually if you are looking to be successful, you will hire the right professional.